Weekly withdrawal day set

Hey everyone, 

i hope your all well & enjoying chatabox. Now due to the incredible success we’re already achieving on the platform, we have decided to set the withdrawals to be open for request 1 day per week.

This is to reduce the vast amount it would cost in fees to distribute to the network. Instead we will do one big airdrop that will take place every Monday. Requests will be opened every Sunday 9am GMT for a full 24 hour period, with a maximum 1 withdrawal per user per week. 

The minimum withdrawal will remain at $100 on the ‘open request day’.

In the remaining days the minimum withdrawal will be set at $10,000 to limit overload of transactions. 

Any withdrawals pending before this notification will be paid out within 48 hours. 

Please also take the time to post you payment proofs across other social media platforms to grow awareness and likely get you more signups.

Thank you for your co- operation and Keep going Chataboxers we’re growing the community we’ll all share the success of at an incredible Rate.