Earn with Chatabox

How to earn with Chatabox 

Chatabox has a very unique affiliate structure. We welcome you to chatabox token. This is a great way for you to earn a residual ongoing income just for building the community we all share. 

So what is chatterbox token? 

Chatabox token is an erc20 token, established on the ethereum blockchain. You can use it for purchases on the site as a form of currency, hold onto it to receive ongoing royalties or simply sell it through polarisdex.io 

We will share 60% of all the profits of chatabox by a process called ‘airdropping’ to your wallet. Very simple you just receive ethereum for on auto pilot. 

There’s a total of supply of Chatabox is just 10 billion. For the purpose of earning through chatabox we value every token at $0.001


For the first 100,000 members to join our site the affiliate bonus will be $25 withdrawable in Chatabox token (25,000 tokens) 

Yes 25,000 tokens for EVERY FREE REGISTRATION 

Once the first 100,000 members is reached it’ll become a $20 bonus per FREE signup, until the circulation is complete. 

All Chatabox tokens used to purchase advertising will be accepted at a minimum value of $0.002 per token. 

All tokens used to purchase advertising will be ‘burnt’ a process that removes them from circulation, lowering supply