Pre-Launching 1/2019 HASHINGADSPACE

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Hashing Ad Space Offers A Pre-Launch Affiliates Campaign

What is Hashing Ad Space?

It is an advertising company with its own Token called "Asimi" that circulate in the entire system for buying and selling also listed in #Waves Client DX exchange platform.

How To Earn with Hashing Ad Space?

It offers several forms of earning for free member, sign up bonus, viewing/minting ad every 24 hours, affiliates system, advertising and several more. (see FAQs)

Why Should I Join Now?

The company is providing interested joiners the opportunity to earn Asimi Tokens for Free before pre-launch. Develop affiliates for bigger commissions asociated to it. ASIMI tokens worth $0.5 which can be earned thru viewing/minting ad every 24hours. (watch this for further info)

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