Small Log Cabins for Sale

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Citizens looking to make that big change and obtain a new residence are worried, and correctly so. With the condition of the economy, the authority of monetary liberty is not anymore in your hands. You may be one of the most responsible persons on Earth; constantly paying your bills prompt and all the time willing to act for what belongs to you.

An alternative to this could be one of the countless log cabins for sale in today's marketplace. Even though you're not planning on making a cabin your main living home, it's still a great asset that will be with you for generations to come. What are a few of the advantages of the numerous cabins for sale in the US over the many typical residences?

And perhaps the biggest benefit of all, cabins are positioned in quiet rural zones, such as the mountains, lakeside, etc, and never in the heart of cities. So when you catch sight of posts for cabins for sale, you know that the location is far away from the hustle and bustle of metro life. There are many shapes and sizes that the cabins are obtainable for sale at

You can refer to a traditional log cabin, A-frames, stone-sided, large (multi-family size), single-family, open floor plans, and not only. No matter if you're checking into getting a small hunting cabin for weekend getaways with your sons, or even a mountaintop cabin for skiing trips, there are cabins for sale everywhere that will fit your requirements perfectly.

Many of the cabins for sale will indubitably match your funds, too. A perfect illustration of an affordable cabin that sells for about 200.000 can be found in the Blue Ridge area and is comprised of 3 bedrooms. You'd be hard-pressed to come across a 1 bedroom condo for that cost, let alone a residence for the entire family. It's no wonder that people are pinching their pennies and holding their wallets a little closer to the vest nowadays.



Helping You Choose From the Wide Variety of Log Cabins for Sale


The global economic slow down has had a dramatic effect on the state of the housing market with prices dropping by up to 50% in certain areas. However, the market for log cabins has experienced quite different fortunes.

There are a growing number of families swapping their traditional log houses for these rustic wooden structures. This trend may surprise you but when you hear of the multitude of benefits that log cabins have over regular homes, you will almost certainly appreciate this growing change.

Not to mention the fact that log cabins, especially those built near tranquil lakes or up in the mountains, can be peaceful and cozy places for people to stay. A very important issue to think about when purchasing a log cabin is the type of wood used in its construction.

Choose one that uses full logs with diameters of eight to ten inches. They are sturdier than split logs and are also more energy-efficient. Also, make sure that the logs used have been pre-shrunk, air-dried and sanitized to prevent future warping and infestation by molds, fungi or wood-eating insects.

There are two types of wood that are commonly recommended for log cabins: spruce and Scandinavian pine. Spruce is also known as white wood or North American timber and is used in manufacturing paper. Spruce is the chosen wood of many manufacturers because it is known to be resistant against both insect infestation as well as decay.

When you choose from the considerable selection of log cabins for sale, it is imperative that you ensure that the spruce is used only for internal areas since exposure to outside elements can reduce this wood's life expectancy. The other type, Scandinavian pine, is a high-quality type of wood very much in demand for building these structures.

This is because Scandinavian pine is very dense and has a tight grain due to the slow-growing seasons brought about by the region's cold climate. Some manufacturers are also careful to cut the wood only from the center of the tree, where it is the hardest and most stable.

If you can stretch your budget for your perfect log cabins Dublin, it's certainly worth your investment to choose one that is made of Scandinavian pine. Also, there are many different types of log cabins for sale these days.

You can find A-frames, single-family cabins, multi-family cabins, open floor plans, and the traditional American log cabin. Just choose one that will be most useful for you.

When you purchase your chosen product it is also important to consider whether or not the general surroundings are suitable for the needs of you and your family. Whether you would prefer to stay in a quiet rural area or in the modern suburbs, it's entirely your choice but it does require careful consideration.

Just remember that the structure should not be your only consideration in buying real estate.

With this in mind, it is now safe to say, happy buying!