Gotta JOB?(Just Over Broke).Replace It With a YOB(Your Own Business)

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A No Brainer passive Income System.Be your Own Boss.

The fact is,The internet is like a huge minefield  when it comes to finding a REAL opportunity to make money!You have  all the  rights to be skeptical!You should be skeptical!

At POLARIS UNIVERSAL LIMITED,we’re not going to insult your intelligence with promises of high daily returns  on investments!That just doesn’t happen.But with Our proven trading activities via our telegram channels, which you  can follow live as to which Crypto securities are being bought and sold,Making money is possible with our company.

Forex and Crypto telegram Channels

So,consider the following…and then consider taking action.We’d love to work with you.


MyPassiveTrades is in it’s 15th month.Our parent company,POLARIS UNIVERSAL LIMITED is a 2 year old registered company in UK. A certificate of  incorporation is available for you to see.MyPassiveTrades has been consistent over the past 15 Months,delivering 1% daily rewards(includes Return On Capital) to it’s members.This proves one thing;MyPassiveTrades is REAL and working.

2.High Level Of Transparency!

When it comes to TRANSPARENCY,MyPassiveTrades ticks all the boxes.As an investor,you normally want to know where the profits are coming from for you to get paid!We don’t wanna play hide and seek here ,We show you Our Trading accounts and the Real balances inside those Trading accounts!This is Normally done by our  CEO Darren Bradbury.( through Regular Facebook lives.Moreover,we have 2 telegram channels;One for FOREX and the Other For Crpto.Forex and Crypto Signals are sent to those two channels respectively.You can Mirror those trading signals and grow your trading  account(s)!How beautiful is that?

3.Crypto  Trading Course available Via MyPassiveTrades Back-Office

We’re dedicated to teach our members how to trade Crypto.NABIL AMRANI( who is the Master Trader behind our trading team, has a full course ready for  purchase via MyPassiveTrades back-office. This course costs $99.99 but it’s totally optional.You don’t have to buy it.Only for those who wish to learn How to trade Crypto securities and acquire this valuable skill.

4.Low entry opportunity.Compunding feature available.

With $5 at hand and a  Bitcoin wallet,you can get started.No room for excuses!You can compound your daily earnings to grow your account !Go fast,Go slow.It doesn’t matter to us.


For a business model to last many years to come,it must be sustainable !MyPassiveTrades is built on sustainability basis and by giving our members 1% daily profit on their iinvestments,This system is surely sustainable.No worries that the system will crush soon.

The video below is from the CEO Darren Bradbury showing how  MyPassiveTrades is SUSTAINABLE!


If the above reasons still don’t convince you…

Then please don’t take my word for it.Go here and hear from people like you that Love earning passively online!

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