Runescape players and them the developers

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Not necessarily. I like the RS grind, it is an enjoyable part of rs3 gold for me. However, it isn't the whole game and takes A LOT of time. I also mill to do quests, get better equipment, complete goals, etc.. I can"afford" to do that because I have a lots of spare time on weekends. These people are ready to pay in order that they can advance more in less time. I'm not defending MTX, just to make it clear, but it's wrong to say that runescape is boring if it has to rely on people.

It seems mad to write this but this really is my final article formally as a member of Jagex and as Mod Shauny.When I first joined the RuneScape CM team back in 2016 that I had been my initial aim was to attempt to bring life into the RS Reddit in the Jagex side of things, and I believe looking back on it now almost 4 decades after I'm proud of everything I've done.I've had such a blessed opportunity to work with exceptionally talented individuals, through it alL I've attempted to make their lives improved by acting as the middle ground between you the runescape players and them the developers.

During my time here I was also very blessed to work on jobs outside my job based on what I believed you/runescape needed, a few of these include the capability to swap Skyboxes, the debuff pub, item tooltips and the Clan Ava Rework/Broadcasts upgrade, which I hope you still like to this day! I thrived on attempting to make sure as many runescape communities and players were listened to and answered on, should things go wrong I wanted to ensure we had messaging out to attempt to cope with whatever had occurred. Jagex used me in this sector when I was 19, I'm now 25, have a gorgeous wife and perfect little woman and I am proud of the marker that I hope I've left runescape.

It goes without saying I'll continue to perform, I've 120s to get and goals to hit!I've had the most incredible time hosting the streams, the month aheads, the RuneFests and being the individual to attempt to make each and every one of your times to buy old school runescape gold. I just have one more thing to say actually and that's, thank you. Thank you for all, you all gave me the opportunity to be the individual who you listen to if you've issues/feedback to get runescape and I won't ever forget it.