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In Belarus, tests began on a high-speed vehicle capable of reaching speeds of 500 km / h.  String Transport is an innovative development of Belarusian engineers from String Technologies, which operates under the guidance of Anatoly Yunitsky. From the existing solutions in the field of freight and passenger transport, the novelty is ecological, safe, comfortable and at a much lower price. And also for the fact that the transport of the strings does not move on the ground, but on special light and durable overpasses.
In order to develop this infrastructure, it is not necessary to expand existing roads, allocate separate lanes for public transport, etc. New communications will be erected with respect to existing ones.


Passenger and freight modules can be moved to city streets, fields and suburban forests. This saves space and ensures road safety. We will not collide with cars, pedestrians or other objects, because it is on a different level. And for ecology, such a way of moving is an opportunity to keep natural ecosystems intact.

There are no earth banks that violate hydrology, there are no tires and asphalt wear products (the wheels of a bus have iron wheels and roll along the iron rails), everything works with ecological electricity. The speeds promise up to 150 km / h in the city and up to 500 km / h on long distance routes.

The transport of the future: first in the United Arab Emirates, then throughout the world.
Currently, #EcoTechnoPark presents existing examples of string transport systems, a center for the development, demonstration, testing, production, innovative certification and subsequent improvement of SkyWay technology. They are constantly working on creating new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes and developing ecological agriculture and construction. The center is located near Minsk. And it was here, in EcoTechnoPark, that the #unibus of the city accelerated to 100 km / h. Surely the experts would have reached the declared ceiling if the constructed test tracks had no length limits. The longest of the five existing is about 1 km.


High-speed transport is the most ambitious project of String Technologies CJSC. Beautiful, aerodynamic, futuristic, with unique aerodynamic characteristics. Today it has become even closer to the launch in mass production. And we can only talk about it.

This unibus was presented for the first time in Berlin at the InnoTrans 2018, where it attracted the attention of a large number of guests. Of course you would! Able to accelerate to 500 km / h and provide high passenger traffic, it is 5 times cheaper than its #ferroviari or air brothers.

Many wondered why, after such success, society hid. And now it's time to reveal the cards. String technologies #CJSC prepared for testing. The rolling surface on the truss overpass was modernized and a mule was made. The mule in our case is not a cross between a donkey and a mare, but carries "to solve problems". Repeats exactly the look and all the nodes of the unibus, but provides quick and direct access to all the elements. Because the mule should keep track of what software or technical improvements might be required. In which phases they occur. As a result, researchers will identify bottlenecks, ways to improve them and predict maintenance times. Once all the problems have been solved, transportation can be started in mass production.


The transport of the future: first in the #EmiratiArabiUniti, then throughout the world.
Anatoly Eduardovich #Unitsky and a high-speed bus!
The Unibus already boasts a special travel system. Provides smooth movement and high speed with low dynamic speed. To prove it, it is still necessary to conduct bench tests. They will start when a special roll holder is ready. It will allow the test sample to reach speeds of up to 500 km / h.

At EcoFest-2019, guests could see the mule at work in person, as well as the real unibus that visited Berlin. Of course, for safety reasons, speeds of 100 km / h were not shown, but 20 km / h were demonstrated. And these are just the first steps.


#EcoFest is an annual reporting event that takes place in EcoTechnoPark. It gathers about 5 thousand people from over 50 countries. All of them are united by their interest in the development of innovative transports, improving the environmental situation and the future of the planet.

Meanwhile, in the United Arab Emirates, where SkyWay transport systems are included in the official infrastructure development plan, it is planned to build non-tests, but full-fledged passenger transport routes. In the United Arab Emirates, another model of high-speed transport will be demonstrated. The bus that was presented on August 17th at the EcoFest is a kind of "family minivan". Along with this, the 20-seat #unicar with a passage through the center and even a bathroom will run along the winding roads of the Middle East. It is these vehicles that are now being designed by String Technologies. By analogy with the existing model, they can be compared with "regular buses".

In addition, the company plans to expand the range to provide transportation within the global transportation and information network based on   Clean Techology Energy systems. The creation of such a network - the laying of road ropes for every city and every home - is the task of the Belarusian company, which is moving forward with increasing speed.


The material was first published in Office Life Magazine n. 4/2019.

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