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If Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, takes a BITCOIN on Amazon, don’t you think you need to download this free app and start doing it to?

Important benefits:

1. ZERO FEES TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS! No merchant services fees can save you 3% you’re paying to PayPal and another 2 to 3% of whatever else you pay SQUARE or your merchant services company. (Some companies save half $1 million a year.)

2. Free for six months, then only One Annual fee of only $200

3. Free app to download to multiple devices such as phones or iPads or tablets.

4. Access the $229 billion stuck and sitting in crypto markets just waiting to be spent on the first merchant it opens the doors to take it.
5. The average millennial under 30 has $300 of bitcoin on their phone and no where to spend it at.

6. Take Bitcoin, Ethereum or KBC online or at the cash register.

7. NO Chargebacks! Payment is final and settlement is permanent on the blockchain.

8. Borderless payments:
take payments from anywhere in the world and send money to anywhere in the world via cryptocurrency that arrives instantaneously.

9. Instantly settle into your country’s Fiat currency in 144 countries, or keep the bitcoin or settle into KBC coins redeemable for pure solid gold.

10. How can it be free? We don’t need to charge you any money because our exchange makes us money on the back end. (*You can share in those company profits by holding KBC coin whose valuation will rise with global usage increases)

11. Build assets backed by gold:
Every single transaction becomes an instant asset that you can keep in cryptocurrency and be your own bank. No need to send it to your own bank unless you want it converted to the currency of your country such as US dollars for the USA. (((Creating an asset: Accumulating KBC coin through 2023, as it’s usability raises the coin’s value, will end up being an investment where every coin turns into a redeemable token may be can be redeemable for 1 g of gold in 2023. Right now every 100 coins = 1gram of gold. 1g= ~$50 per gram. Example: If you have 1 million coins you have the potential of cashing in the coins for $50 million in pure gold sitting in your wallet. Ask me for a different presentation if you want details)))

14. ONE SIGN in: Sign up once and use one sign in username which allows you to set up, run, and assign controls to all your different franchise locations. Example: JETS PIZZA franchise owner has 350 pizza shops. One login gives access to setting up all 350 shops in all devices within each of those shops to take cryptocurrency.


Put a sign on your website or front door and cash register that says, “BITCOIN ACCEPTED HERE” and watch the money flow in since the $229 billion in cryptocurrency has nowhere people can spend it yet. Until now!