Astonishing Optimization Tactics to Improve the Performance of Your PHP Laravel Framework

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We are sharing here Tactics to Improve the Performance of Your PHP Laravel Framework.

Laravel has been first introduced in 2011 and received appreciation for its best PHP framework. The companies that provide Laravel Development services can work on both complex API and simple web applications as per the requirement of the customers.  Entrepreneurs can use this service to expand their business in the market field. A Laravel framework has a compilation of different themes and templates to select suitable ones to build websites. Laravel is mostly considered by PHP developers because it provides essential plug-ins to optimize the website. Its library offers multiple designs to help developers to choose according to the clients’ business requirements.

There are several reasons behind the slow performance of Laravel. Firstly, there is no proven method to measure web application performance. It can only be comparable. Secondly, a web application is made up of the database, network, file system, cache, and many other things, so implementing new and deleting unnecessary codes can be considered to improve the activity of the laravel based web application.  There are a few points given below that can help one to optimize laravel performance and attain desired results:

Tips To Increase The Performance of The Laravel Based Application:

- Make Less Use of Plug-Ins:  Bulks of different kinds of plug-ins are available for Laravel to add the functionality of the website. The more files would get uploaded; there are increased chances of finding the problem in accessing the web page. One can ask their service provider to remove unnecessary files for better performance of the website.

- Outline MySQL Queries:git hub debugger can integrate the generic PHP debug package, as after installation, a toolbar at the end of the page- view that shows the MySQL queries issued on the result page and the used memory on the request on the application.

- Precompile Assets: Acquire all your assets in different files such as configuration and routes files to maintain code. Laraval provides a few artisan commands to make use of creating hassle-free web access. These commands can be used to gather the entire data in a single file to make less load on the site. 

- Prefer In-Memory Caching: Laravel cache memory holds the resulting cached memory to run the program. It is also known as cache drivers. One can use RAM (in- memory) cache such as, Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, etc. to increase the slow –down process.

- JIT Compiler: Desktop could hardly recognize the PHP native. One cannot assemble PHP to bytecode and allow the machine to run the program. In this respect, the Zend engine can help integrate PHP files and perform C routines. By the time, the server catch PHP files, it could be convertible to the tokens completed by the AST parser and interpret it. For Laravel, the HHVM JIT compiler is recommended, as it is used by Facebook, Wikipedia, and many other websites. 

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