Rento ICO Project

Rento Airdrops and Bounties for RTO Tokens Winning Prizes up to $15,000 worth is innovatively an excellent project, providing hopes for all its users finding an amazing way to access ICO. The program is wonderful and trully easy way to take advantage of what the company wishes to provide for people who are willing to take part and win prizes. Airdrops is an excellent procedure to promote company's objective in accumulating wannabies and experts in the trade platform  such as Rento. It attracts prospects and users and will absulutely do their best to follow requirement inorder to participate and receive their drops and later on take part in crypto trading. A lot of online community have been so unstopable when it comes to inviting people to sign up on airdrops. What rento offers is great for novice and expert in the field of cryptocurrency. It is an innovative way to access learning and training in crypto trading as well which is I hope very helpful for beginners.

To be able to participate airdrops, you will need to copmplete the following;

Register your email, Fullname and ERC20 address Click here :

Login to your account and complete each task provided to earn RTO tokens and try to reach the number 1 - 20000 to receive the corresponding prizes in RTO dollar equivalent. 

Anyone can join the airdrops and bounty while there is still plenty of time until the day of distribution.