Use Packaging Material when Shipping by Container?

What to consider when shipping by container?

The type of packaging and the procedure applied for products shipped by container can have a significant impact on the profitability of a company. Moreover, losses due to inadequate packaging eg wellpack london goods shipped in containers would amount to nearly $ 5 billion a year worldwide.

In the light of such information, it is clear that if you plan to ship products by container, you should package them in a manner that adequately protects them against the constraints that apply.

Here are different things to consider when shipping by container.

Ship by air, sea or land?
One of the most important shipping parameters is how quickly the container will arrive at its destination. If the goods are to be delivered as soon as possible, air transport is a much faster shipping option than shipping. However, this speed is obviously accompanied by a cost. The cost of shipping by air is much higher than the road and sea transport.

However, if your cargo weighs less than 45 kilos, shipping by air is often more economical. In addition, if your goods are perishable or sensitive (like flowers or medicines for example), air transport is often the best option.

Also, air transport is often better suited to high-value products because of concerns about damage, theft or the time value of money.

However, the impact on the environment is another issue related to the mode of transport to be considered. The carbon footprint of air transport is massive compared to that of maritime transport.

Will shipped goods be subject to extreme conditions?
Since containers can be shipped virtually anywhere on the planet, it is possible that the container that contains your precious commodity may be subject to specific weather conditions. So you have to make sure that it is packed so that it can withstand these conditions.

If the goods shipped may oxidize
For example, if you have to send metal parts into a container that will cross the ocean on a ship, protecting them from rust by packing them with suitable barrier bags is a must in the transportation industry. In this way, the salty and humid air will not be able to degrade the cargo and this one will arrive safely without traces of oxidation.

If the merchandise is sensitive to temperature variations
Other types of goods are more sensitive to temperature variations. For example, there are certain pharmaceuticals and medical products that can lose their effectiveness or even be unusable if they suffer a significant heat shock . The same goes for many foodstuffs, which must absolutely be kept at specific temperatures to be safely consumed and retain all their flavor. It is therefore necessary to protect these products by means of insulated packaging, which makes it possible to keep the goods safe from temperature variations.

Are the products sufficiently protected against shocks?
Most of the time, goods shipped by container will travel considerable distances using different means of transportation. This implies that they may be subject to shocks, either during transport or during their handling through the various transfers. Of course, if the products you ship are fragile, they must be protected against shocks and vibrations.

To ensure this, you can design an optimal packaging according to the protection requirements of your product such as the distribution of its weight, its shape and its physical contour in others.