Creating Passive Income with My Passive Trades

Master Traders trade the markets - I simply compound my daily-earnings


If you're searching for a legit way to make passive income online, My Passive Trades is worth checking out.

There are no overnight fortunes to be made here, however, when you understand how compounding works, you're going to see the potential, as explained in this video.



My 5-Year Plan is to create a healthy Passive Income Stream by compounding 1% Daily-Earnings with My Passive Trades (MPT). 

My Passive Trades delivers long-term sustainable income for growth, resulting from proven trading activities within the forex and cryptocurrency markets. 

Initially, a few friends invited me to check-out My Passive Trades due to their transparency and for the reason, experienced Traders do the trading - You do not have to trade

I became a member, made a deposit and purchased $5 Passive Trades Packs to enable earning. 

MPT's Master-Traders trade the markets and return 1% earnings every day to each Passive Trade Pack. Packs expire when 125% has been returned. 

To clarify - I do NOT trade. 

I simply log-in every day and reinvest my daily earnings into additional Passive Trades Packs - it's that straightforward. 

Granted, 1% doesn’t sound a lot, however, compounded daily over the years accumulates significantly - This is my 5-Year Plan. 

I don't tend to over-promote this opportunity because I can reach my destination without referring and for the reason, most people are searching for overnight success - this isn't one of them. 

If you wish to create a Passive Income Stream with a legit company:

Explore My Passive Trades: 

Happy compounding, 



Lidija (Head of Support) walks-through the platformdemonstrates the genuine potential of My Passive Trades, how to deposit money from your bitcoin wallet, purchase Passive Trade Packs and make withdrawals.


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