Elite Profit Academy

A short explanation of system back-office


Here's a short run-through of Elite Profit Academy's back office by Lidija (Head of Support).


Delighted with my daily-earnings and the trust I've gained with My Passive Trades, I thought I’d join their 'Elite Profit Academy', where profits are dispersed through a matrix system.


Here’s what they say:

“For Every single Educational package that we sell, We disperse 50% of the cost of that package into our 2x10 compensation plans.

The Remaining 50% Goes into our capital trading fund. This fund generates profits that we use to run paid marketing campaigns to constantly grow in sales. And Yes all those new sales go towards the Compensation plan that pays YOU!”



In order to earn, I help spread the word about Elite Profit Academy.

I simply complete the daily Share task, by sharing 3 social media posts on a variety of platforms of my choice, then submit my links as proof.



You can register to get your free position in the waiting, from where the company will pay it forward for you, or you can upgrade to jump ahead. I thought I’d upgrade to the bronze package, then keep upgrading as profits roll in:

Exciting times ahead -

Scroll down the Home page and Read all about 'Elite Profit Academy' here: 




Polaris Universal Ltd is a British registered private limited company trading under company number 11168788. All details can be verified through Companies House.



Polaris Universal Ltd earns revenue trading the forex and cryptocurrency markets - the group comprises:


My Passive Trades - The genuine way to earn a Passive Income Stream.


Elite Profit Academy - A legitimate matrix earning system.


Eureka Coin - EUREKA - The Revolutionary Blockchain For all - Making Proof of Stake Tokens Possible.


Eureka Exchange - The worlds highest liquidity crypto Exchange


Chatabox - This Social Media Platform


If you wish to genuinely earn passive income or you are a serious online marketer, these groups are worth checking out.