Elite Profit Academy's Groundbreaking Matrix Cycler

Start at ZERO Cost - Complete the basic daily-task - Earn considerable income


Elite Profit Academy provides a genuine way to earn substantial income by working your way up 5 levels. The beauty is - there's a FREE way to get involved if you don't mind waiting for the company to position you into the Bronze Package.

Once positioned in the Bronze Package, simply complete the basic daily share task to enhance your position on the Matrix.

If you're willing to share this program on Social Media, read-on to find out how straightforward the work is to achieve considerable income.


My Reason for Joining

Along with dozens of friends and 10,000 members I've been creating a passive income with Polaris Universal's 'My Passive Trades' for quite a while now and they deliver earnings on a daily basis, exactly as described - they thrive on transparency.


The trust I have gained inspired me to jump on board and join 'Elite Profit Academy'  (previously called Forex Unite) as soon as I received an invite. Here, profits are dispersed through a Matrix Cycler - The potential's exciting!


John (Head of Marketing) presents a brief overview of Elite Profit Academy and the Twitter feed:



 What is Elite Profit Academy

Elite Profit Academy is an innovative 2x10 Matrix/MLM Cycler backed up with REAL Forex Trading - 5 different levels return great income. Furthermore, there's a way to join and get your position on the matrix for FREE.

Long-term and sustainable - this unique Matrix system is built to last.


Here’s what they say:

For Every single Educational package that we sell, We disperse 50% of the cost of that package into our 2x10 compensation plans.

The Remaining 50% Goes into our capital trading fund. This fund generates profits that we use to run paid marketing campaigns to constantly grow in sales. And Yes all those new sales go towards the Compensation plan that pays YOU"



Members Daily Tasks

The daily-task is to simply share 3 posts on a variety of Social Media platforms of your choice, promoting Elite Profit Academy - then submit those links as proof on the website - That pretty much sums up the work- it's very straightforward.

It has no be noted - All submitted links are checked, therefore, members can't cheat.

In return, your position and earnings increase on the Matrix. As an added incentive, additional bonuses are received for your referrals.

This method of teamwork makes the system fair because we collectively work together completing the daily share task which drives the system towards success.



In this video, John explains how to use Chatabox (this platform) to create posts, just like I have done here or you can simply share your referral link.



Utilize the FREE Membership - Get involved at ZERO cost:

You can register to get your free position in the waiting, from where the company will pay it forward for you, or you can upgrade to jump ahead. Speaking for myself, I thought I’d upgrade to the Bronze Package in order to get my position on the matrix, then keep upgrading as profits roll in:


If you wish to join for FREE:

After becoming a member:

Select Purchase Position(s) at the top of the menu on the left.

Then select Waiting Room in the Position box.

You will then be added to the list to have your position paid for by the Company (DO NOT SELECT ANY OTHER POSITION) - Click purchase from account balance (No cost) 

Once you have completed the initial 3X8 matrix you will then be added to the main 2x10 matrix - Bronze Package (the level I joined). Here, you can potentially earn a minimum of $1600 as well as referral commissions of $400 if you wish to build a team.

Please be patient as many positions have to be processed. They will position you on the Matrix as soon as possible.

Join the Elite Profit Academy Facebook Group so you can stay updated:



These 5 Packages Captivate Interest: 

I have plenty of determination to keep sharing posts - My ambition is to reach Gold, however, Diamond and Sapphire exceed this.

Here's the order of Elite Profit Academy's Packages:




Lidija (Head of Support) presents a walk-through of the back office:



Here, Lidija explains how to share posts on Social Media, then submit those links on the Elite Profit Academy website - providing proof of work:



To join this innovative Matrix opportunity:

Scroll down the Elite Profit Academy Home Page 




Polaris Universal Ltd is a British registered private limited company trading under company number 11168788. All details can be verified through Companies House.



Polaris Universal earns revenue trading the forex and cryptocurrency markets.