Arbistar 2.0

Arbistar 2.0 a Crypto Arbitrage Platform


What is arbistar 2.0?

It is a platform that auto purchases crypto currency from one exchange, and sells it to another exchange for a higher price. This is all done it two ways. 

One way is via a community bot, where members can contribute, and the platform manages the participants earnings up to 30% ROI (Return Of Investment) In a month.

Contributions can also be compounded within the platform, and can potentially earn up to 70% of the contribution yield.

2% unilevel commision can also be obtained, and up to 10 levels deep. Capital payments may be withdrawn every Saturday. Minimum contribution for the community bot is 100 euros, and a maximum of 50,000 euros.


The second way to is via the personal bot. For this one, they provide an internal support system/coaching, and the bot can be linked up to a dozen exchanges, such as Kraken, Bittrex, and many others. The contribution price for this bot is 5,000 euros. 

The personal bot has not been officialy released as of yet, and is estimated to be launched in the next two, and a half days at the time of this post.

Both methods with in the platform are payable via bitcoin, and recieving wallet is via Bitpay.

This platform is still under the radar, not a whole lot of videos sirculating on youtube yet. Owners are very transparent, mission is for the long term just like My Passive Trades. 

I have personally contirbuted to the personal bot, and plan on scaling up at a later time, and getting into the personal bot. 

Since it is still in pre launch stage for the personal bot, they are giving a 3 year contract licence for the personal bot, instead of the 2 year standard contract.

So far, I really like my results within the program, all owners are transparent, weekly hang outs, and all have digital footprints as well all across social media.

If interested. Here is my personal link to the program: