Let’s Compare AWS Mining V My passive Trades

Don't follow the crowd like a Sheep Get the best bang for your buck !

Lets make no mistake about it AWS Mining is a very popular Cloud Mining website but in the last 15 Months Mining of any kind has become unprofitable due to the low price of Cryptos , So are AWS members really getting the best 'Bang for their Buck' lets see below.

$40 in AWS Mining Gives you $80 back in 14 Months and you can do this 6 times so that’s a profit of $240 in 14 Months.

 $40 in My Passive Trades compounded 100% for 125 days gives you $138.71 and over 14 Months gives you $647.31

See for yourself here 

I think the obvious choice for me is My passive trades and you can start with just $5