What is the cause of the scratch on the broken aluminum profile?

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What is the cause of the scratch on the broken aluminum profile?


1. Scratches from the surface adhered to the die are due to foreign matter or rough machining on the generated air knife.

2. The raised scratches on the corners of the product are caused by cracks caused by the extrusion of the Chinese mold.

3. Horizontal scratches or scratches are mainly due to the product being transported horizontally from the slide out to the finished sawing table, and the cooling bed has a hard material scratching the product. There are also some scratches during loading and handling. Scratches are common surface defects in the aluminum extrusion process..

How can I avoid scratches on the surface of aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges?

1. Extrusion Chinese mold design work belt should be processed smoothly and smoothly, and the empty cutter of the extrusion mold should also be processed for smoothness.

2. The mold should be carefully inspected to prevent the mold with small cracks from being used. The mold design should pay attention to the fillet radius.

3. Check the cooling bed and finished product storage unit frequently to prevent hard scraping of protruding products.

4. When loading materials, a spacer that is softer than the product should be placed, and the transportation and lifting should be carried out smoothly and carefully managed.

Of course, the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge may also be scratched due to various reasons after installation. At this time, you can wipe it dry with a clean rag. According to the depth of the scratch, fill it with gypsum and other materials, polish it and do a second spray.


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