How to prepare for the session

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All students begin to panic before the session, sleep disappears, the pressure rises.
Therefore, it is so important to properly prepare for the session and minimize the loss of nerves and time.


Less social media, more theory and practice

Vkontakte, Instagram and other messengers should become a stop word for the period of preparation for the session. And not at all because of the bias towards the information that is published there. Social networks are dangerous by such a phenomenon as "sticking". Getting to free sites, you immerse yourself in communication, humor and spend precious hours sticking to show business stars and cats.

Nobody is talking about a complete rejection of the Internet. But for 2-3 weeks, it is better to significantly reduce communication with the World Wide Web. The reward for this will be long vacation days, when you can review all that was left during the preparation for the session.

No cheat sheets!

In the art of writing and secretly keeping cheat sheets, American students are ahead of everyone else on the planet. Innate ingenuity allows you to come up with unusually clever ways to hide "evidence". But who are you kidding at this moment? A teacher? No, myself. In the time that you spend preparing the small handwriting cheat sheetsuse essay writing service reviews with ready-made homework, you could have learned several chapters in a textbook.

In addition, most teachers are very strict about this type of creativity. If you are caught at the "crime scene", the minimum punishment is retaken, the maximum - expulsion. Do not let yourself down and your future, learn everything on time.

preparation for the sessionNutritional support during the session

The following drugs will help improve brain function during the preparation period from the session, as well as at any other moment when it is necessary to “connect the brain” as much as possible (it is advisable to start taking it 1-2 weeks before the session):

  1. Fish oil or Omega 3. The ratio of Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and Dogoshexagenic (DHA) acids should be 1: 2. The total dosage of EPA and DHA is 2 grams. Omega 3 is best consumed in capsules since in liquid form it is oxidized by oxygen and will become toxic.
  2. Coenzyme Q10. Will help the body with the production of energy (participates in the synthesis of ATP). The dosage is according to the instructions, but during the session, it can be increased.
  3. Vitamin C (form Ester-c or magnesium, potassium, sodium ascorbate) - will provide additional protection for immunity from additional stress and ODS during preparation.
  4. Adaptor - there are many functions. Basic: increases endurance, increases efficiency, will increase stress resistance and improve mood. And also reduce feelings of anxiety.
  5. Caffeine is a good stimulant that increases concentration during preparation. But do not exceed a dose of more than 300 mg per day. Best consumed in the morning and not every day.
  6. Amino acids or high amounts of protein in the diet. Since protein is a building material for the body, and during times of stress, it is quickly and strongly consumed. Therefore, it must be intensively replenished.
  7. Abolish dieting and fasting. This will negatively affect the functionality and work of the brain during the preparation and delivery of the session.

Mind games

Knowledge is only 50% of success, it is important to show and explain these skills correctly. Various psychological and neurological techniques can help here, which develop brain function and teach how to concentrate correctly in preparation for the session.

  1. If you are not good at memorizing information, check out popular ways of intellectual development. For example, with the method of associative thinking or the rules for composing a retelling. Enough 1-2 exercises per week.
  2. Create order not only in your head, but also in the house, on your desk or in your diary.
  3. Include brain-boosting foods in your diet. These include nuts, sea fish, dark bitter chocolate, avocados, eggs, and whole grains.

Most importantly, remember to rest. If your body is overwhelmed during preparation, it will not be able to cope with serious tasks.

Prepare your brain and bodypreparation for the session

Prepare everything for the academic part the day or evening before the exam. Choose the clothes and shoes you wear. In the morning, nothing should distract you from the main task.

Go to bed early, in any case, do not cram the night before delivery. In most cases, nighttime preparation leads to lack of sleep and fatigue. Without rest and "rebooting" the brain works half-heartedly, even basic knowledge can "disappear" from the head for a while.

Don't forget that appearance says a lot about the person himself. Dress neatly, modestly, without outrageousness or any message.