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Now this is how it works in simple steps:

1. You register for an account on computta here http://bit.ly/JoinComputta
2. You get redirected to Member and Affiliate Area where you download Computta Smart Miner app
3. You install the application on your computer and all computers that you own or control.
4. You go thru our 2-click setup and immediately see how much you can generate from this device
5. That’s all, Computta Smart Miner just sits there working silently in the background generating your money for as long as you have your computer power on.
You don’t need to have any special skills. You don’t need to spend any money or time. You don’t need to do anything at all! Computta Smart Miner app will do all its work in the background when your computer is on.

You can check your stats right in the application for the device you run it on. You can increase/decrease application’s power depending on how much you use your computer at the moment. You can pause the application or even switch into a Smart Mode.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time from your Member Account when it hits the required withdrawal minimum.