Mirror Trading International
- Minimum to start 100$ (never expire)
- No Lock In Period (example: If you start with 100$ you can withdraw next month 100$ + profit)
- 10% referral commission
- Average per month between 10% and 12% (average per day 0.5% up to 0.6%)
- Profit is Automatically Compounded
- Binariy bonus (you need 2 referrals one on your left and one on your right side and at least 200$ deposit)
- When the price of Bitcoin rises, the value of your trading account increases.


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Anyways I will try to post more often. Please do not post your links here. I will delete them. This is for the website passive crypto club. A free membership website you can duplicate and use to get referrals: http://passivecryptoclub.com

Hey whats up? I never use this site....haha

Get access to the FREE membership website here: http://passivecryptoclub.com

Pre-Registration | Passive Crypto Club

Pre-Registration | Passive Crypto Club


The Passive Crypto Club is a group for people who are looking to grow their cryptocurrency passively every day.