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A very special person, Leyton Benta read about Chrysalis goal and he wrote and released a song ? “Chrysalis Smile” ? Please go buy it/download it and raise more funds for Chrysalis ??? Thank you Leyton ? We really appreciate this.

There are lots of ways to include special needs kids.

Here are a few ideas
Create Smaller Groups
Adapt Existing Activities
Have the Right Equipment
All-In Participation Activities

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At Chrysalis, This is our goal to start with. Getting all kids playing together is the best therapy there is. This girl could't run across the court before she started interacting with the other children. Just from that interaction her medical condition has improved dramatically. This is the power of love. At Chrysalis we are all about love. And just look at that smile. What a beautiful soul she is.

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Sailing is a terrific sport and Sailing for children with special needs is a sport that Chrysalis will help fund too

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Wheelchair basketball is a very popular sport and one that Chrysalis will help to fund ???


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Chrysalis Coin (CHR) is an ERC-20 Token listed on Chrysalis goal is to support sports projects for children with special needs by purchasing and donating adapted sports equipment. Every child has the right to have fun and participate in sports, right?
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