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USDC Airdrop

Free 25 USDC ( About $25 worth )

Each coin value .99cents USD

Refer your friends to get extra 5 USDC for each friend.

Trade USDC on:








You can trade it for BTC, ETH and USDT.

Get yours here!

Telegram: Contact @USDC_Platform_Bot

Telegram: Contact @USDC_Platform_Bot

? Free 25 USDC MarketCap:

Brave Browser Rewards - Make Money When Browsing

I switched to Brave Browser full time!

Have you tried it?!

If not, feel free to hit my referral link to download it and give it a try:®

Support me with Brave

Support me with Brave

Brave is a browser that allows you to support creators without the fear of demonetization.

Grab $50 in Fortem Capital tokens (FCQ) Free!
Go here to the Telegram group and follow the "pinned post" instructions to signup.
Remember to save your respost links for the email you have to send them when you have completed the tasks.

Telegram: Contact @fortemcapital

Telegram: Contact @fortemcapital

This is official group Fortem Capital, if you have any questions leave message our administrators.

Bot Telegram Free Bitcoin!!!
Earn 0.000576 btc per day or about $7.62!
Bonus of 0.0003 extra every 12h
Withdrawal from 0.005 btc
Commissions referrals 20%
To join us, click on link below
Autobit Robot- Earn $3.97 a day in free bonus Bitcoins!

Referral commission: 20% (On earnings and deposits)
Referral link:

Telegram: Contact @AutoBitRobot

Telegram: Contact @AutoBitRobot

You can contact @AutoBitRobot right away.

Mine Litecoin free with this program!
Referral link-


#Airdrop #Bitcoin

Enigma ICO
Earn Instantly 280 Enigma Coins ($128) just for 3 task click!
@ simple steps (Less than a minute)

Invite your friends with your referral link and earn 155 ENG worth (70$) for each referral! current value = $0.493026 USD (5.99%)
Buy & Sell ENG |, Binance, Coinswitch, Houbi, Bittrex, KuKoin,and other major exchanges!
Instant withdraw when you reach 2500 ENG. Contact ENG telegram group admin for instructions. KYC required.

Very Simple! Enjoy!

Telegram: Contact @EnigmaICOBot

Telegram: Contact @EnigmaICOBot

You can contact @EnigmaICOBot right away.
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