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What can i do if my moneybif not increasing

12 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Make money off your social media + you don't have to be an influencer! HOW? Below is a GREAT video of our co-founder that explains how. Watch the presentation for Free first and then I will be in touch with you personally on your next step. ->

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Imaging profiting from every company or customer even if you did not invite them personally on a platform that is 2 years ahead of his time

Would that interest you?



Wall Street is dumping billions in BTC forcing the price down. This is very strategic and calculated.

The average Joe now sells his wallet balance in a panic because he has no market share nor exit plan.

The BIG fish now have billions in CASH sitting on the sidelines. Over the coming weeks and months they BUY back all the BTC they sold and end up with MORE than they started with (accumulation phase).

This is what happens when Bitcoin has no REAL UTILITY yet, other than buying other Crypto's.

This entire space will change next year when the FIRST mass utility coin ever comes to market! !!! THE NSG COIN !!!

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