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Community agreement on coin value
Soon the Global Crypto Credit (GCC) coin will be traded on the secondary market where its price will change over time. Firstly, it is in the interest of all members of the Community to establish the initial price of the GCC coin which all members could adhere to. Therefore, for the information of all members of the community, the price is set at 1 GCC = 1 US dollar. Secondly, every member of the STANDARTA community is interested in preventing the fall in the price of the GCC coin. To maintain the price of coins at the level of 1 GCC = 1 US dollar or higher, each member of the Community must support this Community Agreement on the price, which will allow members of the Community to independently adhere to such a minimum price in all their actions.


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To start an irreversible process of using crypto currency as a means of payment and a storage of savings in key countries around the world, it is necessary that hundreds of millions of people possess the crypto currency. This should create such a critical mass of cryptocurrency holders that is capable to “cryptolize” the consumer market payments in chosen economies, pushing the payments through the point-of-no-return, where cryptocurrency becomes the currency of choice for decisive majority of consumers.