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📣 Eureka Network and ImpulsX Updates and News plus Q & A from Darren and Mark 🔶 Watch the replay here ⬇️


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🙌Good Morning! This Zoom is for ImpulsX Passive, Join Mark for Updates, News and Q & A
🔥It’s Tuesday so just to remind you, we hope to see you on tonight’s Webinar at 200 CET!
🤩Are you excited?

Join here: zoom.us/j/99080084324


📣 Coming soon 🔺🔺 IPX Token -Unleashing The DeFi Potential Of The Eureka Network 🔺🔺

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For Full details on Credit Cleaner built on the Eureka Network Blockchain, full details on their you-tube feed ⬇️⬇️


Check it out ⬇️ The Contest for 25,000 EBL is on 📣

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