View to Earn introduction + bonuses
We are excited to launch our new View to Earn system (soon) that will introduce another incredible advertising and income opportunity within Hashing Ad Space!
In this video we cover a brief introduction to how it will work, as well as pay some exciting Asimi bonuses! Congratulations to todays winners!
Hashing Ad Space: View to Earn introduction + bonuses
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You can purchase the V2E advertising product using Bitcoin!
This is a big step forward to our Asimi market
You can purchase V2E advertising with BTC effective immediately.
You will see the "Coinpayments" purchase button on the V2E checkout page.
We are using "Coinpayments" as our processor.
It is simple to use, Just follow the steps.
Sales affiliates:
As you know, our V2E offers amazingly low cost and highly effective advertising!
It's time for you to let people know!
It's never been easier to advertise on Hashing Ad Space
and now with a BTC purchase gateway,
you can recommend our advertising to ANYONE and will earn commissions.
Take action.

We have implemented some changes to the minimum
"Click Value" in the View to Earn
You will start to see higher click rates across all ads.
This is still GREAT VALUE for advertisers,
But also ensures something a little
extra is being earned for the viewer!
This is the first step to increasing earnings for the viewers
as we roll out some more exciting upgrades next week.

Our new View to Earn system is off with a bang!
In just the last 18 hours...
- We delivered 200,000+ views to our advertiser's ads
- We sold almost 5000 Asimi in V2E products
- We had almost 1000 new members join Hashing Ad Space
What a great result so far!
A special congratulations to our first ever Raffle Winners!!!
Enjoy your Asimi bonus!
We will be doing that every day so make sure you are in the draw!
If you haven't already...
Login, Click the View V2E button, Watch Ads, and Get Paid!


View To Earn is NOW LIVE!!
Hashing Ad Space View to Earn Presentation

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